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SET Consultants acts as a client partner, service consultants and serve for government sectors as well as construction companies.


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The updated news and notices related to SET Consultants and other engineering sectors, providing efficient information to the viewer.


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Engineering software, project reports, proper documentation guidance for successful completion of the project.


SMART ENGINEERS & TECHNICAL CONSULTANTS is a private, independent specialized engineering firm established in B.S 2068 to provide the expertise and technical support to meet the growing demand for survey, design and construction management services in the nation. The consultant has been able to develop a full visualization of the objectives and scope of the proposed works and complexity, as well as the nature, and extent of the spectrum of work types and activities required to be undertaken for fulfilling the objectives.

The firm so far has performed varieties of task across a range of sectors – our service offerings can support clients from pre-feasibility planning till execution of the project.


Undergoes pre-feasibility, preliminary and detail survey in various field of Civil Engineering with high accuracy, providing its control point for future references.
Our portfolio encompasses structural analysis and design for substantial structures, moreover, giving focuses on water supply and hydro-electric plant designs.
Estimating and costing of structures and their Rate Analysis are prepared based on the current fiscal year rate published by District Development Committee.
Civil engineers and urban, regional planners both work in fields related to the planning of master plan and construction of buildings, roads and other facilities.
Monitoring, managing and regulating of construction processes, or delegated activities on sites, undertaking imperative responsibilities.
Visa (property) valuation for the purpose of abroad study for students. Also we serve immovable and movable property valuation for the banking loans.


Some construction works at ON-GOING PROJECTS of different sites at different stages........